Tray for Fasteners and Washers of Disassembled Vehicle for Proper Sorting

Tray proposed has 7 segments, therefore 7 individual people can work simultaneously without confusion in assembly or disassembly of the vehicle .


  • Tray visually representing the form of a car for proper storage of disassembled parts in separate sections of the tray for ease of sorting and further use.
  • Tray with 7 sections moving on a wheelbase.
  • Beneficial during the Durability test and Pave test.
  • Easy detection and working on failures.


  • An integrated retrofit wiping solutions that clears away any foreign objects like rainwater, fog, smoke, dirt, etc. on either of the two surfaces.
  • 100% clear and unobstructed view improving the overall drive quality.

Additional Information


1. Full assemble mode

2. Seven Part apart.

2. Seven Part apart.

  • The worker keeps the new/broken part in the respective block avoiding miss placement of any part.
  • As each part is placed in its respective place it is easy to operate fast.
  • The possibility of using the wrong part reduces to zero.
  • A major factor of doing an activity efficiently is the ease of doing it, this tray increases the ease of doing an operation.
  • The memory used to remember which part belongs to which aggregate is reduced.
  • As the tray can be disassembled into 7 parts, individually 7 operations can be performed together.
  • This will reduce the time required to complete the task.
  • There can be several trays for different functional systems involved, one each for chassis, body, electrical system, interior upholstery, etc .