Dual Stand For Two Wheelers

An assembly two stands presently in use for two wheeler. Side stand is assembled with center stand as and when center stand facility is needed.


  • The available two wheelers in the market have a separate solution/fixtures for side and centre stands, even when the frequency of using the centre stand is drastically low.
  • Only availability of side stand in some bikes, which limits its functionality during repair.
  • Weight reduction limitation without any compromise with functionality or safety.


  • Combined stand reduces the 3 leg stand assembly to 2 legs only.
  • No compromise in functionality or Safety.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Present system can easily be replaced by combined stand i.e ease of application.
  • Material reduction as legs are reduced.
  • Overall component reduction.

Additional Information


  • When side stand is needed as usual the user can easily slide down the side stand.
  • When centre stand is needed push the side stand inside towards the other stand with your feet until the link is hooked up.
  • As both the legs join, the assembly can be used as a centre stand.
  • When the two wheeler is again dragged on its wheels,due to the pull of the side stand the link detaches automatically.